Building Your Private Network (A Series) - The Why

In this short introduction, I talk a little bit about why we would want to "complicate" our networks if we don't have to. I attempt to make a case for creating the necessary foundation to begin taking

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Why build the ultimate network

Privacy and control are coming back in style. The current landscape of technology is beginning to shift as people realize the weakness and, more importantly, dangers of centralized cloud technology.

It's not just that these large tech companies have so much power over our daily lives. It's not just that we have become so dependent on the convenience of giving up control of our data in return for followers and their adoration. It certainly isn't just the overwhelming convenience of a "free" service bearing the hidden cost of our most precious commodity, our Privacy. It's that because we've given up the very agency we have in this world without even knowing it, we are positioned to lose our very humanity...our Free Will.

While this isn't a philosophical treatise, the plain fact of the matter is that information is power, data is information, and control over that data is therefore power. If you don't have it, they do. So, what do we do about it? It's not like we're going to give up the benefits of technology, though that is one approach. Perhaps one day that will be the best approach, but for now, we need to begin to take back the information and restore control over it.

To do that, we have to play their game, but do it better and on a larger scale than they could. This means building small communities, lots of them. We then deploy platforms that compete to restore control over that information back to us. This requires building rock solid networks, in a decentralized fashion, that are reliable and secure. Let's start with understanding and building the foundations by building a proper physical network, with the right components that will provide our communities the necessary underpinning to begin to take back control.

We can start with a basic understanding of some very important concepts. Let's do that next...


Nate is the Founder and CEO of Stapel, LLC

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