10 Essential Questions for your Backup and Disaster Recovery Provider

Do you really know if all your important data is being backed up regularly, securely, and is ultimately usable? These 10 Questions can help.

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We all know backups are essential in today's technological world. But not many people think about what that really means when the data we rely on in our daily lives is scattered throughout disparate systems that can include cloud services, local workstations and servers, mobile devices...the list keeps increasing at a faster pace.

To help ensure your data is being properly backed up, here are 10 questions you should ask the provider responsible for backing your data up:

  1. Do you know all the data that is essential to my business?
  2. Is that data being backed up on a regular basis?
  3. How often is the data being backed up?
  4. How often are the backups verified to ensure they are usable?
  5. Is there redundancy in the backup?
  6. For cloud services like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. are you backing up that data?
  7. What are the protocols and processes for when I need to restore my data?
  8. How quickly can I be back up and running in the event of data loss?
  9. Are the backups securely stored?
  10. What are the limits to your current backup solution?

These 10 essential questions should arm you with enough information to ensure that your service provider has your most precious asset...Your Data...secured and available to keep your organization up and running.

If you are unable to get answers to these questions, or need a second opinion, reach out to us, we have over 20 years experience deploying, managing, and evaluating data security. We use top industry solutions to ensure our clients' data is always available and secure, and can help you ensure yours is too.

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Nate is the Founder and CEO of Stapel, LLC

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