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What is STAPEL?

STAPEL is a German term for "Stack." In technology lingo, a stack refers to the components making up your technology capability. This includes software, servers, networking, and personal devices.

Our mission is to simplify technology, making it accessible, affordable, secure and private once again. As underlying Technology has become so complex these days, the majority of people hand over everything information related to cloud providers. Opting for the ability to just use an application without having to deal with the ugly complexity, is key to businesses. We get it. But the real cost of this trend will be born out in very large scale and damaging ways. Breaches are becoming more prevalent, the mining of private content more egregious, and the control over your ability to function in society more dependent on large technology companies. The stage is being set for a future dystopian reality once only depicted in Hollywood sci-fi films and late 1940's novels.

While our primary focus is on business, our real goal is to help free as many people as possible from the public cloud. The only thing inherently wrong with public cloud services is the loss of control over information, your information. An environment is developing that is limiting people's choice of where their data is stored and the degree to which they have control over the very information that defines who they are. After all, information is power, has been since the beginning of time.

This sets up a dangerous scenario where we may lose complete control over who knows what about us and what that information is being used for. In particular, business information is increasingly being centralized in online platforms like Office 365, Google Apps, Zoom, Salesforce, Slack, to name a few. Don't get me wrong, these are great products that have brought tremendous value to businesses, families, and individuals around the world. The internet and many things that come with it have been game changing for society in general. And...

If you think about it, these platforms have everything about your business strategy, your customers, your employee's work habits, your location, finances, you name it. There is nothing about you or your professional lives that is sacred. Even down to the very personal conversations you are having with the closest people in your lives, those are no longer private. But it doesn't have to be this way.

You may say, "That's not true, I've read the privacy policy of my XYZ service, and they assure me my privacy is maintained." This is where I must tell you, it is not. The law allows for various entities to force service providers to hand over data about you without your knowledge of them doing so. You may say, "well, if you're not breaking the law, what's the big deal?" To which we will answer, how do you know you're breaking the law or not?

Do you know the entire 185,984 rules in the Federal Register? That's just Federal. That doesn't account for the State and Local regulations. Let me help you, you don't. You most likely break at least one law a day without evening knowing it. What if that email you sent regarding a deal was determined to be illegal based on some obscure regulation. Some overzealous lawyer is searching for anything that she can twist into a promotion for herself. The next thing you realize, you are central to a criminal case you had no idea you were wrapped up in and knew nothing about? Wouldn't you at least want to know that you are caught up in such an investigation? The only way you will know that is if they have to come to you to get the information. The only way that happens is if you have control over you own data by owning the technology that manages that data.

Do public cloud services offer capabilities that benefit individuals and organizations? Yes. Are they the only way to achieve such capabilities? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The advantage to today's technology and software landscape, is that there are an unlimited number of ways to accomplish all the things that you need to accomplish. The key is to bring those together in a way as simplified as the cloud providers have done.

This is what Stapel is about. We believe that privacy is not about hiding something illegal. It's about maintaining control over your very existence in this digital age. We want to help provide the technology tools for you to maintain that control. As a business and a law abiding citizen, or at least the laws that you know about, we feel you deserve that right. It is not only just, it is the way things ought to be.

Come join us on this journey. We don't care if you buy our products and services. We only care that you value your privacy, as it is the last best mechanism to help ensure our freedom!


Nate is the Founder and CEO of Stapel, LLC