Website Monthly Management - Basic
Website Monthly Management - Basic

Managed Services Item Code: WEB-M-CM

$ 195.00 ($ 195.00 / Month)

Don't have time to keep your website refreshed with new content, add photos, customer feedback and ratings?

Keeping your website refreshed with new content is extremely valuable to help keep your brand in front of new and existing clients.

Let Stapel help you by making sure you're website content stays fresh with updated pages, images, posts, and other content on a regular basis.  We will proactively reach out to you to provide updated content from your team to include at least 1 blog post monthly, customer spotlight page, and unlimited existing content updates to existing pages. This could include staff pages, fixes to current content, updates to pages to include additional examples, for example customer feedback, etc.

You provide the content and we make sure it's included in the site. Check out the tabs below for more information.

Included New Content Posts 2 Monthly
Included Post Types

Content is provided by the customer and could include any content you would like to add to the site. Some examples could include:

  1. Blog Post
  2. Customer Portfolio
  3. Product Page
  4. Generic content
Existing Content Updates Unlimited
Uptime Monitoring 24x7

Coming Soon

How do I send updates for my website to Stapel?

The best method is to send an email to This will create a ticket so that we can track the work on the updates and keep you informed. This will generate a ticket in our system and we can then assign the ticket to the appropriate person.

To ensure the most efficient routing, please make sure you include the phrase "Website Update:" in the subject of the email. The email should include any attachments, such as images, post content, or other details you would like included in your update.

How often can I ask you to update my website each month?

For updates to existing content, there is no limit. We include two new posts/pages each month for new content on the site, for example blog posts, new product pages, or portfolio pages for specific projects you completed and would like to highlight.

What if I want to add more than two posts in a month?

No problem at all. The best thing to do in this case is contact your account manager to discuss the additional content you would like to add. Depending on the content, your account manager may provide you with a one time quote to create these additional content pages.

Do you offer a plan that includes unlimited content pages and updates?

We can customize a solution for your specific needs if you feel you will have a lot of content additions on a monthly basis. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and we will work with you to create the right solution.

What happens if I don't have any posts that I want to make during the month?

We understand that sometimes it's hard to come up with new content ideas on a regular basis. We will check in with you each month and make recommendations on content for your industry.

Will this service help me to redesign my website?

This service is for updates to existing websites. We do have a website redesign service that can be found to the right as a recommended product, or you can go there directly by clicking here.

Fee Explanation

Monthly fees for Managed Services are billed in advance. Monthly billing will begin on the first day of live service and will be prorated for the first month. All subsequent invoices are billed at the beginning of each month and are due within 15 days of invoice date.

Variable Monthly Fees

Except where noted in the service descriptions contained in the agreement items, there may be additional costs associated with onsite support when needed. Any hardware or software outside the scope of the Managed Service will be billed separately as needed.

Contract Term Length

The standard service is a monthly cost with a minimum of 3 month commitment with a month to month commitment commencing at the end of month three.

Optional Discounts

Discounts are offered on three additional contract term lengths outlined below:

Term Commitments Discount

12 Month Term 5% Discount on total monthly cost 24 Month Term 10% Discount on total monthly cost, setup fee waived. 36 Month Term 15% Discount on total monthly cost, setup fee waived.

Yearly Payment Option Discount

If you are interested in paying a yearly installment, we offer an additional 5% discount on top of the term commitment pricing outlined above.

Payment Methods

Stapel offers several payment methods including Check, ACH Auto Pay, and Yearly Billing.

Additional Fees

There is a standard $575.00 one-time remote setup fee that will be billed separately upon execution of the agreement. This fee includes review and configuration of your service, integration of your current environment into the Stapel support ecosystem and staff training on helpdesk access.

Onsite Setup (Optional)

You may request an onsite setup of the service at a daily rate of $1776.00 that includes all expenses associated with travel and labor.

Standard Contract Terms

All standard terms of purchase and service not outlined above can be found on the STAPEL, LLC public website at the following location:

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